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Harness the 3 P’s: Purpose, Power and Peace with Gina Yarrish (Episode 046)

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About Gina:

Gina Yarrish is a businesswoman ahead of the curve, who always identified and capitalized on business opportunities from a 30-year career leading her million-dollar real estate business to where she is today a leading coach in mind training. She has spent the past two decades studying human behavior, stress, and anxiety and linking it with her love for horses.

She is the Founder and CEO of Yarcort, a state-of-the-art coaching facility, and creator of the game-changing experiential learning system that leads to aligning your head, heart and gut. A hidden gem where people get their glow back. Gina is the world’s leading expert on regulating stress and anxiety by design. Her gift is breaking down barriers of communication and create teamwork, healthy conversation and stimulate growth and economy.

The bottom line: Gina believes peace, happiness and health comes from within and unless you’re conditioning your thinking then you get what life offers instead of what you deserve. Control your inner thoughts and outward actions give life balance and happiness!!!

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You're trying to make a difference in the world by pushing things out there but when you start to make a difference in yourself, more people join the force quicker and want to do what it is that you're doing. ~ Gina Yarrish Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:27 – Get to know Gina Yarrish
02:54 – Gina’s Aha moment
09:08 – The Focus Forward Technique™
11:43 – Steps to discover purpose, power and peace
13:43 – On blurred boundaries
15:09 – How is the Yarcort’s EAL Program different?
17:30 – What entrepreneurs need to change to be successful in today’s business environment
19:26 – What do you love most about your business?
19:58 – Gina’s No 1 reason for losing sales
21:38 – The best piece of advice you’ve received
25:05 – What’s next for Gina?
26:53 – Connect with Gina
27:20 – Gina’s FREE gift for listeners
28:07 – #OpenMic

Check out and get in touch with Gina Yarrish if you’re looking for a unique program to shift your mindset so you can show up with confidence and achieve work/life balance.

FREEBIE: Business Assessment with Gina Yarrish
Schedule an online conversation with Gina Yarrish to talk about your business and work/life balance challenges so you can have clarity and come up with an action plan that works! (This is NOT a Sales Call)

Gina Yarrish’ Book: Harness Your Purpose, Power & Peace: Discover the Leader Within You
In her bestselling book, Gina reveals the easy-to-follow steps to discover your own Purpose, Power and Peace. Life doesn’t have to spin out of control. It is possible to learn to harness, and design the lifestyle that you want to attract.

What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

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