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How to Network as a Speaker to Get Booked with Tonya Hofmann (Episode 017)

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About Tonya:

Tonya Hofmann is the Founder and CEO of Public Speakers Association. Aside from being a globally sought after trainer, speaker and strategist, she is also a TV show host and author of 7 best-selling books.

Tonya has received accolades from eWomenNetwork, the Evolutionary Business Council, The Texas Black Women’s Expo, Xcellent Choice, Profiles in Power and Females are Fabulous, among many others.

Tonya believes in showing her audiences throughout the world how to develop areas such as unique brands, profit creation, retention & inclusion, sales and leveraged connections. She gives her audience new “real” ideas and help them transform their bottom line to grow and explode their business/career.

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It's not about the whole audience loving me, it's about that 25% who are ready to do business with me. - Tonya Hofmann Click To Tweet


01:34 – Tonya’s intro
– Tonya’s journey and Aha moment
– Tonya’s advice for speakers
– What to look for in a speaker
– Promoting on social media
– The lesson that took you the longest to learn
20:02 – Ways to monetize speaking
22:01 – On choosing the right speaking engagements
27:48 – How to get more speaking gigs
31:03 – On getting asked back as a speaker/speaker etiquette
43:24 – Wowdible phone app for coaches and trainers
  – Connect with Tonya
46:57 – #OpenMic


Check out the website for speaking tips, connect with fellow speakers and look for speaking opportunities.

Tonya Hofmann’s Books – Read, enjoy and implement in your business and life!

Wowdible – The Phone App for Coaches and Trainers to Reach New Clients

What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?
  • Life is not about knowing who you were but rather who you will make yourself to be! So market the way you want your business to look in the future as if it is already here.
  • Go ahead and apply to speaking events even if they’re not perfect for you. Event people could be doing multiple bookings which would open opportunities for you or they could add you to an existing speaker lineup for diversity.
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