The Importance of Being Ready for Change with Kathi Laughman (Episode 008)

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About Kathi:

Kathi Laughman specializes in leveraging the unexpected and rescuing plans that have gone awry. Referred to as “The Plan B to Z Expert”, her mission is inspire people to see beyond probabilities to possibilities. To believe that they can be stronger, happier and more financially secure than ever before. No matter what they may be facing or have faced in their life and work. The result is the creation of far more value in the rest of their story than they ever dreamed possible.

As an author, speaker and strategist, Kathi brings a fresh and insightful view as a thought leader of what is next for her generation and beyond.

With over 25 years of experience in business intelligence and systems, she remains a respected voice in executive leadership circles. She now applies that experience and proven expertise to the creation of life systems and creative resilience in the face of disruptive change.

How I feel in this moment is not the measure of the value of this moment. - Kathi Laughman Click To Tweet

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Being ready for what's next is, in part, being ready to be successful. - Kathi Laughman Click To Tweet


01:18 – Kathi’s intro
02:11 – Kathi’s journey
04:20 – Being ready for change
13:10 – Allowing others to serve us
16:05 – Your inner circle/tribe
– Preparing to change
32:27 – Kathi’s strategy
38:04 – Ask a CEO
40:12 – The lesson that took you the longest to learn
– What’s next for Kathi
44:41 – Connect with Kathi
 – #OpenMic


Begin today building a new life, a full life; a life that serves you as you serve others.

Kathi’s Book: Adjusted Sails: What Does This Make Possible?

In her latest guide to growth, happiness, and success, Kathi challenges readers to ask what new possibilities are waiting to be explored in the wake of disruptive change. Coming soon: the next guide in the series – Adjusted Sails: Are You Ready for What’s Next?


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What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

The best strategy for knowing what to do when your life or business is disrupted is knowing in advance how you will respond. Large corporations call this disaster recovery or business continuance. But in the end it’s pretty simple – it’s about knowing what’s important and needs to be protected and having a plan in place for that. Think of it as your life and business continuance plan. If we don’t know where we’re at risk – we don’t really know our business. Know your risks. Have a plan for protection. Insurance isn’t just about monthly premiums.

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