Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back From Video with Tanya Smith (Episode 009)

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About Tanya:

Tanya Smith is a highly credentialed online marketing coach specializing in teaching digital strategies to leverage video and high quality social content that equips entrepreneurs to balance life and business, while they serve more people, connect authentically and enhance lives.

Often described as a “walking Google”, Tanya’s experience and marketing perspectives have been featured in radio, print, and a number of well-known digital publications such as Visionocity and Bronze Magazine.

Tanya continues to stay on top of the ever-changing online landscape – staying current with the latest digital and social media marketing trends, providing expert information regarding best tactics for promotions, branding, and other key strategies for your online success using platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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Video is not only more engaging, it's also going to build your trust and credibility factor. - Tanya Smith Click To Tweet


01:31 – Tanya’s intro
02:43 – Tanya’s journey
14:42 – Tips for overcoming video overwhelm
22:17 – A tip for your younger self
23:26 – What do you love most about your business?
26:38 – Monetizing strategy
31:50 – Video on social media and IGTV
35:41 – What’s next for Tanya
– Connect with Tanya
38:53 – #OpenMic

Website: getnoticedwithvideo.com

Leverage video content to boost your business visibility online, even if you’ve never been on camera or spoken on a live stage.


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What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

When you overcome the limiting beliefs that hold you back, you’ll find that doors open, your content gets more real, and your credibility is elevated.

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