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Sponsorship Strategies to Optimize Sales with Michelle Nicole McNabb (Episode 028)

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About Michelle:

Michelle Nicole McNabb is an event marketing and sponsorship advocate. She works with brands and companies to execute effective campaigns to leverage sales and marketing ROI through events.

Michelle began her career over 10 years ago in logistical event planning and event marketing. With 7 years in corporate America and as a business to business marketing division manager, she developed event marketing and sales campaigns and training nationwide. As she managed dozens of event campaigns from lunch ‘n’ learns to industry wide conferences and trade shows for the sales teams she recognized there was a gap in the industry for companies to best leverage the events and be successful beyond the logistics.

She combined her event planning and event marketing strategies to open Emenee Marketing ‘n’ Events and now consults and trains Nationwide and Internationally on optimizing event sponsorship and event results to maximize marketing and sales ROI.

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It's not just about making connections. It's about optimizing the connections you are making. ~ Michelle Nicole McNabb Click To Tweet


01:11 – Michelle Nicole’s bio
02:32 – The event customer journey
05:27 – Getting clear on your event’s target
11:55 – Event sponsorship mistakes people make
16:35 – 6 foundations to optimize events
19:58 – Defining target audience
23:48 – Helping sponsors & exhibitors use events as marketing strategies
31:11 – Michelle Nicole’s advice to newbie entrepreneurs using events
34:38 – Connect with Michelle Nicole
35:20 – #OpenMic
36:17 – Michelle Nicole’s gift

Website: www.marketingNevents.com

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What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

At events, connect with people on a personal level. Know who you are talking to beyond their first name. Don’t just look at people as possible leads and end up losing the human connection.

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