The Mindset Shift You Need to Perform with Speed with Lori Hanson (Episode 132)

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Not everything you need is big to make a shift. That’s why it’s called a shift. The same thing applies to mindset. Sometimes, a little whisper in your ear is all you need. Known as the “Success Whisperer,” Lori Hanson has been doing this for many years to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and executive unlock the next level of their journey. Lori has coached hundreds, motivated thousands, and impacted multitudes through her body of work as a business coach, award-winning author, and keynote speaker. In this episode, she talks about the mindset shift that you need to be able to perform with speed. Curious what value Lori brings to her audience? Join in and get a taste of just how powerful her mind is!

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About Lori Hanson

MMAM 132 | Mindset ShiftLori Hanson is The Success Whisperer. She is committed and passionate about helping leaders and executives unleash their voice, gain more trust and respect, shift their mindset and reach their “next-level.” Lori has coached hundreds of clients to clearly define what they want, let go of limitations and live their dreams, to speak confidently and create unlimited success, prosperity, and joy.

As a keynote speaker, she has motivated 1000’s of people globally for over 15 years. She delivers inspiration through interactive, value packed and fun programs for conferences, teams and events.

An award-winning author of 5 books she has appeared on international radio & TV. She has been a newspaper columnist, was recently interviewed by Authority Magazine and is our mindset expert in her column for Marketing, Media & Money Magazine.

She is passionate about inspiring people to live a magical life and wants you to see that you have NO Limits.

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The Mindset Shift You Need To Perform With Speed With Lori Hanson

I am looking forward to sharing this episode’s industry expert with you. I am excited about this topic and you're going to be too. Make sure you get your pen and paper out because I'm going to tell you, our guest is going to give you some writer downers and that's what I call them. You want to be prepared because we're going to be talking about The Mindset Shift You Need to Perform with Speed. That’s exciting. Let me tell you a little bit about our guest. Lori Hanson is The Success Whisperer. She's committed and passionate about helping leaders and executives unleash their voices, gain more trust and respect, shift their mindset and reach the next level.

Lori, has coached hundreds of clients to define what they want, let go of limitations and live their dreams to speak confidently and create unlimited success, prosperity and joy. As a keynote speaker, she's motivated thousands of people globally for years. She delivers inspiration through interactive value-packed fund programs for conferences, teams and events.

As an award-winning author of five books, she has appeared on international radio and TV. She's been a newspaper columnist, was interviewed by Authority Magazine and is our mindset expert, with her column in the Marketing, Media & Money Magazine. She's passionate about inspiring people to live magical life and wants you to see that you have no limits. Lori, thank you so much for being here with me.

Patty, thank you for having me. I'm excited to be here.

I'm excited too because I have to tell you, I've known you for a while and that every time I talk to you, there's a shift. You always give me a little bit of a different perspective or insight into how to think of something and I love that. That's why our conversations have always been compelling and juicy, as I like to say because I could talk to you for a long time. I'm going to have to keep myself on track. If you're in the audience, you're going to be a fly on the wall in a conversation. When me and Lori get going, get ready.

It's true. We're aligned.

Lori has her journey on how she found her voice and value. She shares a lot of times to empower executives to exceed their expectations. I wanted to start with her sharing her journey because, honestly, owning your voice and value is so important. Lori, tell us a little bit about that.

Thank you, Patty. I'm going to tell a long story and make the quick version of it but I shared this when I was speaking. When I first got out of college, Patty, I had a simple mode of operation. If I liked you, you knew it. If I didn't like you, you knew it. I get out. On my first job, I'm a personnel assistant for compensation and benefits. It had a lot to do with accounting, I'm down there in the office. The accounting manager got under my skin and one day, I let him have it.

I get back to my office. My boss calls me in. This is the early ‘80s. He goes, “Lori, you need to get right back down there and apologize to him.” To shorten the story, it was one of those, “Sorry, not sorry,” things. That was a hit to my confidence. It stayed with me for about fifteen years until I got into a situation. I was coming out of an abusive marriage, very controlling and I'm like, “I got to get my sea legs under me and become more confident.” I was working for a gal that called me in every week for a meeting. I'm going to answer the phone 2 or 3 times and talk. I'm sitting there and I'm like, “This is ridiculous.”

I confronted her and I said, “Louise, you asked me to come in for these meetings. You answer the phone 2 and 3 times. You talk for several minutes. I'm sitting here picking my nose like my time's not important.” She said, “Lori, thank you. I never thought about it that way. It won't happen again.” Did I get a boost of confidence from that? That was the start of, A) I didn't get in trouble for speaking my mind and, B) Speaking my mind, standing up for myself and little did I know that was the start of my journey to helping other women.

Like most of us, our journey is never this straight line. It's always this meandering line of how we get from here to there. There's a lot of things that get in the way. That's why I love what we're talking about because I know that every time you take that hit, that slows you down. Speed can go fast or slow. You can slow yourself down. Some people call them roadblocks and they could be speed bumps. When you get the confidence boost, it's a little different. You're able to speed up because you feel more comfortable. You have a shift in your mindset and that is wonderful how you do that.

I want to step back. How did you get the term? You are referred to and live in this space of The Success Whisperer but where did that come about? I always love it when people are called something. People have called me The Networking CEO Forever. There's a story for that too. Where did you get The Success Whisperer?

That was something that was given to me. Without digging into all the details, I've been through a couple of versions of my business and at one point, I decided to go to a seminar that my first book coach helped me with. She was the gal that helped me with my very first book and was doing a seminar on speaking. I went, “I should go get my toes back in the water.”

During that weekend, she said, “Lori, you are the success whisperer,” and there you go. She said it and many people will go, “I love that.” I do too. It's a lot of fun and it does encompass what I want to share with people and help people do, those little things. If you get corny about it, I want to whisper in your ear what that little thing is you need. Not everything you need is big to make a shift.

That's why sometimes it's called a shift. I do think that is important too. That was my quote of the day too, as a matter of fact but we need to hear things loud. When I'm struggling, I'm praying like, “I need a definite yes or no. I need to be slapped,” not literally but figuratively.” 99 out of 100 times, it's a shift and that shift matters. It makes all the difference when you can have that shift. One of the things that I know about you is that you help leaders and executives reach that next level. The phrase next level means different things to different people. What does it mean for you? When you help them to reach the next level, what does that look like with the people that you work with?

The reason that I use that term next level is for what you said, “It can mean different things to different people.” What is it you want? What is your next level of success? Is it in your personal life? Is it in your professional life? What is it you want to do but you haven't had the courage, knowledge or skills. That's why it is somewhat generic because it allows me to help people, A) Define what that is for them, B) Put a plan together and, C) Help them to reach it.

Like you, I'm a great cheerleader. I love all my clients. I love helping them from where they are feeling stuck or being in transition, whether it's coming out of a divorce. Many people in the corporate world are losing their jobs. There's a lot of fear out there so I’m helping people shift out of that. The only stuff that's got me paranoid and stuck is here between my ears. I want to add this. Those shifts are sometimes a little nudge. That little thing of, “I should go here. I should call that person.” Sometimes that one little bitty thing is what will pull you into that next space where you want to be and go.

MMAM 132 | Mindset Shift

Mindset Shift: A shift can sometimes be a little nudge. That one little bitty thing is what will pull you into that next space, where you want to be, where you want to go.

When we're talking about this next level and what you do with your clients, could you share with us a success story?

One of my favorite stories is about a gal named Susan who came to me. Susan's passionate about public education. She started as a room mom and worked her way up to Chief Operating Officer. She was having trouble communicating with her boss, who happened to be ten years younger than her. She came to me and said, “Number one, I got to figure out how to communicate with this guy. He doesn't listen to me. He doesn't follow protocols. Number two, I want to create my legacy.”

She didn't own her voice. I use that term a lot. We did some things to help her own her voice. I helped her understand when to approach him. I helped her to visualize and feel what it would feel like. One of the things she did is she would say, “I already know what he is going to say.” You can't go into a conversation and expect a different outcome when you're already so sure that they're going to shut you down.

She blew herself away when she confronted him after a big event happened on a snow day. He listened to her. When he decided to leave, he recommended that she be promoted. She is the first female school superintendent of the third largest school district in Chicago. She credits her ability to go into that confidently because of the work we did to help her find her voice. Giving herself permission was important. She said something cute. She said, “Some of the places that took me were far less painful than as frustrated as I was at the time.” I love the transparency of that. She was fed up.

A lot of times we don't realize it. We don't even know what that next level is. I like to say it a lot of times out in the world, even for marketers. I'm in marketing. I don't do this and some do it but they do it in a lot of different industries and everything is fear-based. I hate that word. “I am fearless” was my word of the year a couple of years ago.

I prefer and feel that people do better with possibilities rather than fear. You do that all the time. It's a word that I hear you say all the time when we are talking and stuff. I love that so much. Whenever I see no limits, which is what you are all about, it makes you think about those possibilities. When we hear things that people say to us, we have to step into that.

When we're working with people, you have to hold space for them because they're not ready to step into that. For me, when one of my clients will share something, I'm like, “Did I help you do that? It's exciting.” I always love to ask this question because it's a powerful question, which is what are some of the things that your clients say to you over and over?

I find that when we get clients that compliment us and they will share with us. Sometimes it's not even the thing we do. Sometimes it's the things we hear over and over. It's something that we don't even realize and we have to step into that. It's that big or subtle. What are some of the things that your clients seem to say to you over and over again?

What's interesting is one of the things they say is something I consciously do and the fact that they appreciate it is wonderful. They will talk about the fact and I call it holding the mirror up. In other words, I will hold that mirror up. I'm going to call you out. I'm going to do it in a very blunt way but not cruel. Another is very transparent and they appreciate that. I call them out on their craft and sometimes they'll come a week later. I'm like, “I didn't call you out last week but I knew you were for.” A lot of people when they coach, they're just listening. I'm not that kind of a coach.

I'm a coach consultant. I will give you advice. I will steer them and guide them or put it out here and say, “What if you went this way?” I find different ways. I'm very blessed that I've become more intuitive each and every year. I'm the vessel. I give them the message of what they want. That's one thing I hear a lot that I love that they appreciate. I'm not there just going, “Yes.” I will challenge you but I'm your biggest fan and cheerleader. I'm here to support you as a client in any and every way that I can. I do the same for my coach.

That goes to the fact that you are not just a coach. You're an executive performance coach. You want them to be able to perform. That's why this is The Mindset Shift You Need to Perform with Speed because it's all about that. There are a lot of different ways. When I work with people, like what you were talking about, sometimes I do hire somebody and the reason I'm hiring them is that I'm not looking for a therapist.

I want someone who's going to call me out on my stuff. There are people who maybe that isn't. Some of my stuff, I don't want to do some in a group setting. Maybe I need that to be one-on-one. There are things that are like, “I want to know I'm not the only one. Do you feel that way too? I thought I was the only one.” It's a good thing. What are some of the ways that you work with people? Do you only do one-on-one? What is it that you do?

I do a couple of different things. I do one-on-one because there are higher level people who oftentimes want more of that. Whether they want to spend a day together, we do a VIP intensely focused. I work with people one-on-one over a period of time, depending on what they need. You and I came up with this term and people love it. I have my quantum leap coaching, which is a kick in the pants.

If you need a boost, we do that. I also have a forum. I have a next-level leadership forum for women that is more of the group type of thing. That's where we have a group coaching column than I do office hours. Those are the three ways that I work with people with the full-day intensive and ongoing coaching. Transformation takes time. It's not the flip of a light switch. That's why I've created those three different things.

What I've found to be effective is offering a couple of different ways. If I can add a little seasoning in here, one of the things that are important to me in terms of how I work with my clients is I believe that the foundation of success is nutrition and mindset. There's an element and I know we'll get to it but I start with brain and body chemistry. That’s the foundation that I use in working with my clients.

That is important. As a keynote speaker myself, I have to say that that was a huge shift in my performance once I understood the part that nutrition played in that, how my voice would project, how fatigued I would get, how dynamic I could be and what my energy level was. A lot of that was the energy in the room and sometimes I need to shift that. Sometimes you walk into the room and realize that you need to shift some of this energy.

I have to tell you, it always started with nutrition. I didn't know that until my functional medicine doctor told me that. I was like, “I didn't even understand that.” You don't realize that when you're going to speak and whether that is speaking on a stage, giving a presentation or you are the CEO presenting to your team, it doesn't matter.

The fact of the matter is that does start with nutrition. There is a part there and then mindset and all that stuff. Let's talk about that because there are a lot of people who read this show who are speakers and CEOs so they are giving presentations and doing that. What is it about nutrition that does affect that?

It's the basis. This is here for me because, in the ‘80s, I wanted to be a competitive bodybuilder. That never quite happened for other reasons but it wasn't my calling. I got into nutrition back and got into it deeply and that was after a knee injury. I carried all that nutritional stuff that I learned for a very long time. Many years ago, I went vegan. I grew up vegetarian. Believe me, I've had plenty of people go, “You don't need to eat meat.” You got to do what works for you. There's that piece of nutrition that's important to how you perform.

That's where that performance part came in for me, in my title. Depending on how cleanly you eat or how much fast food you eat and stuff, it makes a big difference in how you feel. Think about it. I have a cleanse that many of my clients start with and I had a guy go through it. He was blown away by how clear his mind was, which is why we do it. You're going to lose some weight but that's a byproduct. It brings you clarity in your brain. When your body's not trying to process all the sauces, sugars and all this extra stuff, it can perform much differently so that's part of it.

The other thing that I do is I also have people look at their brain chemistry. I work with four mood neurotransmitters and amino acid supplements that help to fuel your brain. It’s way too much for us to get into but you have the ability to respond or react. When your brain is depleted, which comes from diet, stress and lifestyle, you can't be at your best, get the best presentation, get out there and have high energy. I drink very little at this point in my life. I don't drink before I speak. I'm very careful about what I eat. If I'm speaking in the morning, I don't eat before it.

I want my body to be the vessel. I hope that's not too corny for people but I like to be open. I like to be a channel. It's very important that I don't have sugar before I eat but I will also say that I'm a purist. I'm way over here. Most people may not want to go as far as I go but if you want to serve your audience, think about what you're serving them. Here’s a corny example. You don't want to serve somebody with a dirty plate. That's what hit me.

MMAM 132 | Mindset Shift

Mindset Shift: If you want to serve your audience, think about what you're serving them. You don't want to serve somebody with a dirty plate.

That makes sense because I'm not as much of a purist as you but what I have learned for me as a speaker and as somebody who does get presentations in all the ways that I do, is it's the combination of food or what I'm eating together. I've learned certain things to eat so your sugar doesn't spike and different things like that. Those things were important to me. When somebody is a peak performer, they may not think that nutrition plays a part in that. It's important for them to understand that it does.

If you want to be next level, it doesn't mean that encompasses everything but it is one spoke in the wheel that is important like mindset. If you want to perform with speed, those things are important. Whether you're a speaker or not, it is important. I have seen you speak several times. You are very high-energy and dynamic. You are so visual and my show here is audio.

If you could see her like I am as we are having this conversation, she's very visual. If you go to her website, you'll be able to see that because she is very dynamic. That is important when you're going to have somebody come in and speak. When you speak, you do it in different ways, workshops and all those different things that you said as a speaker, which is important. Let's back up a bit here and talk about if you have a team. It's not just you. You're working with a team, whether they are a team of people that you work with or if you are speaking and you're going to be at an event and it's a team of speakers.

Honestly, some of these things are important. Mindset is important there. Being able to perform at an executive performance level, there are a lot of things that come into play. We all know that celebrities have an ego but I got to tell you speakers do too. To be able to get up in front of all those hundreds and thousands of people, there is a bit of ego involved there too. Ego isn't a bad thing. We have seen it be a bad thing but it's not always a bad thing. You get a whole room full of speakers. There are five speakers or whatever and there is a bit of ego there. One of the things that are important and I love about you is when to use your voice. Own your voice. When to use your voice and when maybe not to.

When is the time? How do you gain that trust and respect from people? As a leader and executive, that is very important. You work with leaders and executives on how to use your voice. What are some of the things that you do? You go to companies and speak at conferences, corporate events and all of those things but what are some of the things that you help them to shift?

One of the things that's important to me is in helping someone find their voice, where does it start? You talked about ego and as you were talking about ego, in my mind, I'm thinking of confidence. I love being on stage and you do too. I grew up in violin recitals, piano recitals and singing. I grew up on stage but I love it and I don't get scared. The other thing about owning your voice as a speaker is when you're there to serve the audience.

If I'm not focused on me and I know my speech inside and out, I can focus on them and that makes a big shift. When I am working with a team or even when I do a keynote, they're interactive and I get people involved. Starting to find your voice starts with value. “What's my value?” This is one of the things that I see a lot with female entrepreneurs, female leaders and executives in corporate.

No matter how high up they get, there are still some insecurities and question marks. I had a group call and we talked about boundaries. I always have somebody who goes, “I'm setting boundaries.” By the end of the call, they're like, “I'm going to work on this.” It's hilarious. We all have our little hidden things. Value is important. Value adds to your confidence. Confidence is what gives you the ability to speak up and say what's on your mind. A couple of little things that you can do to fold into that is beginning to practice it.

I told the story of someone who was sharing that they're indecisive. Two things, being indecisive and over-committed are signs of low self-esteem. How do I shift that? Lori, thanks a lot for that. Start to make small things and have a preference. What restaurant do you want to go to? I don’t know. Pick one. What restaurant?

We talked about knowing you're double booking and trying to figure out how to get out of it. Have the courage to say, “I'd love to but I can't this time,” and then shut up. When you start to explain the why, they pull you back in. Confidence is a huge part of finding your voice but backing it up, it starts with a clear definition of what you want, where you want to go and who you want to be.

Some of my audience who knows me have heard this before but when I became a speaker, which I never wanted to be, I stepped into that and said, “Yes.” For eighteen months, I threw up before I got on stage every single time and then I had a mindset shift. That was because my speaking coach at the time said to me, “Patty, here's a couple of things.” She asked me why and we realized through asking me those questions that the problem was that I didn't feel like I was eloquent enough.

I can be authentic and say that. I don't like to wear dresses and I didn't want to wear what I call a soap opera dress and make three points, take a pregnant pause and all of those things. It wasn't me. I wish I'd known you then. I'd have got there faster. What my coach helped me at that time was to realize that the first thing is it isn't even about me. It is about them.

It took a lot of pressure off me. The second thing that she said was, “Patty, here's the thing. It's not speaking changing you to be what you think they need. It is speaking in front of people who want to hear it the way you say it.” That changed everything for me. It is that one shift. Here I am years later. Before I get on stage, I center myself. Every speaker has a bit of their routine that they go through before they walk out on stage.

I’m like, “This isn't about me. It's about them. Who I need to connect to that needs to hear this message?” When I am doing outreach or I say yes or no to speaking engagements, I'm very clear about who my audience is. When I know that and that's who I'm speaking to, I never have any of those issues that went away from me. A lot of times it is getting clear and that was a little shift. As soon as she said it, it landed. I wish I could have seen it on a video because it landed so well and gone just like that.

Patty, sometimes you hear that little thing over and over until you finally get it. It was nice to be out, be at a big conference and gave a morning keynote. I knew that thing inside and out. I was there to serve. It was wonderful. You were mentioning shifting the energy in the room and that's something I have people do at the beginning. I have a little exercise. They were laughing and clapping at the end of it and that was the beginning.

One important thing is to set up your routine before you go on stage. What I did is I pulled together some of my favorite songs. I have a good luck song that I love. I'll share it. I love Bruno Mars. He's got some great songs. I have a little Bruno Mars song in there. Pharrell made it on my list with Happy. I do that to give me the emotional thing but I also set the energy in the room. I'm big into the mindset.

That speech was very well received. I also wanted to go back and say, “Here are some other ones that were good. Let me go look and see what I did there.” A lot of people don't do that. For some reason, this is coming to me so I'm going to share it. If you're not taping and watching yourself as a new speaker, you need to be. I watched every single speech I did for 5 years or 6 years. You've got to do that. Otherwise, you won't realize.

My speaker coach had me do this exercise. It was painful. I'm going to say that upfront. When I would watch the recording of myself speaking was painful. I'm going to preface this by saying that years ago, I was throwing up before every speech. If somebody would've told me, “Patty, seven years from now, you're going to work with speakers. They're going to hire you to help them and you're going to help them monetize their speaking.” I never would have believed that but here I am.

One of the things that this exercise was she said, “What I want you to do is turn off the sound and watch yourself. Look at the time and note where you feel you looked good.” You're like, “Look at me there,” because you know what you were saying in your mind. She said, “I want you to turn off the video and listen. I want you to look at the time of when you thought, ‘I nailed it right there. That was good.’ When you look at those two-time lists, the ones that are on both lists, are the ones that you're supposed to snip and put in your speaker reel where you video perfectly that you like it and where you feel like you say it.

“When you look at both of them together, you can get overwhelmed but if you look at both those things separately, you'll be able to pick those things out.” It was painful but it worked. I find that was an exercise that I was able to do but it was amazing being able to have that mindset shift and that affected my performance. It is wonderful that you work with people on mindset and this peak performance. How many people say, “No, I just want to be a lackluster performer. I don't need to do it?” The question is not, “Do you want to be a peak performer?” The question is, “Are you willing to do the work to become a peak performer?”

An analogy that I like to use is, do you want to sit in the raft and let the rafts carry you wherever they will or do you want to steer? When do you want to reach your destination, five years from now or a year from now? Talking about little shifts, one thing that somebody said early on to me was, “If you don't present yourself and you aren't out there talking to people, speaking to people and sharing your gifts, there's somebody out there looking for you and they're not getting what they need that you are not courageous enough, you are not speaking and not out there where they can find you.”

MMAM 132 | Mindset Shift

Mindset Shift: If you don't present yourself, if you aren't out there talking to people, sharing your gifts, there's somebody out there looking for you and they're not getting what they need.

That hit me big because I didn't come out of marketing. I was in sales in tech for many years. This whole marketing thing is hilarious that I ended up working with you. Marketing is not my thing. When I started, that's what they said, “If you're not out there, somebody's missing out.” Think about that. You've got to share what you have to help that other person. It's when we get out of our world and think about those people we're here to help that life becomes a lot easier.

That's why you can perform with speed. Lori, you are not just gracious but generous when it comes to sharing your zone of genius, which is the reason why I asked you to write for our magazine. I see it all the time. Every story you would share with me, honestly, is your gift. Speaking of gifts, you have a gift for our audience. Tell us a little bit about the gift.

It's a voice confidence quiz that I put together as a part of what we've been talking about. If you go to, you can take the quiz for free. It's a gift that you'll get and there's another little gift that you'll get when you register for this but this will walk you through where's your level of confidence now. The thing is it asks personal and professional. I have people go, “I didn't realize that there's room for improvement there.”

As you fill this out, it'll score for you. At the end, you'll get an overall score. It’ll let you know whether you're killing it, you're good to go, whether there's room for improvement and some of those things. Patty, you previewed this for me back when I was pulling it together. What I love about it is it helps you look at things like negotiating and speaking up. There's a lot of things there, personal and professional.

You have shared so generously. I always love to talk about strategy because that's what I'm all about. If you were going to take all this juiciness that you shared, all this information and if you had to narrow it down to one thing, what is the number one strategy you'd like to share with my audience?

First of all, you got to get to that point where you own your value. Once you're in that place of, “I want to own my value and increase my value,” public speaking is a great strategy for you to showcase yourself and share your expertise. Patty talked about how I am on stage. People see that. They see I'm transparent. They love my goofy stories and my sense of humor.

You have the ability to do that to show people. What are your gifts? Show them what you bring to the table and why you are unique and special. It's a powerful tool and it will give you great exposure. It allows people to experience you, get to know you and love you. For me and it can be the same for you but whenever I speak, I am led into new places. Whenever you speak, you're getting exposure and going to find new clients, I suspect. We're going to get the opportunities to do more.

To me, speaking is like throwing a pebble in the pond. It's a ripple effect. That's a good starting point. Watch what comes from it. You may speak and not be paid. I had one that I did for a local chamber several years ago and over the course of 2 years, it brought in $15,000 but I wasn't paid for that particular speech. It's a wonderful way to share what you have with the world.

If my audience is going to want to connect with you, Lori, where's the place that they can go where they're going to be able to find all your stuff and know how to connect with you?

It’s I do weekly wisdom. If you like having me tell stories, I give little tips. You also can find information about my forums out there where I do the group coaching. I have blogs. I've been blogging since 2008, which goes back for a while. That’s where you can find out things. We are putting it together. I got a reel and I haven't looked at it yet from the gal who videoed my speech. We're putting out a new speaker reel. That's what I recommend to people. Go look at other speakers and go study what other people are doing. Go look at their speech titles and speech descriptions.

Thank you so much, Lori, for coming to the show. I appreciate you. I love sharing your zone of genius. Make sure you guys realize that you will also be able to do it. We dropped the first issue of the magazine. She had a great article in there. Make sure you grab your copy of the magazine at You can be able to read about that there. Make sure you connect with her because she is amazing if you didn't already get that. Thank you so much, Lori, for being here with me.

Thank you.

Thank you to the audience. I appreciate you reading and trusting me. Know that we are going to bring some amazing industry experts and global leaders here for you. I appreciate it that you're here. Make sure that if you enjoy the episode, subscribe and review the show on your favorite platform. Thank you again. We will see you next time. Make sure that you make it a phenomenal, productive and profitable day.

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