MMAM 132 | Mindset Shift

The Mindset Shift You Need to Perform with Speed with Lori Hanson (Episode 132)

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Not everything you need is big to make a shift. That’s why it’s called a shift. The same thing applies to mindset. Sometimes, a little whisper in your ear is all you need. Known as the “Success Whisperer,” Lori Hanson has been doing this for many years to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and executive unlock the next level of their journey. …

MMAM S2 E126 | Corporate Jobs

Master The Midlife & Mindset Shift From Corporate Employee To Confident Entrepreneur With Kathy Grassett (Episode 126)

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So many women are leaving their corporate jobs after over twenty years and packaging up their expertise to sell to the world on their own terms. While some of them seem to make this transition easily, many more find it difficult to suddenly navigate outside of the corporate bubble. They lose themselves along the way and no longer know who …

Gina Osborn on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Eliminating Chaos From Your Business (and your life) with Gina L. Osborn (Episode 072)

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About Gina: Gina Osborn is an expert in navigating Chaos, Crisis and Change. Having responded to catastrophic terrorist attacks and cyber hacks as an FBI Special Agent and executive, and chasing Cold War spies in the Army, Gina knows that Crises can be managed, Chaos can be controlled, and Change is inevitable. Gina serves through speaking, coaching and hosting executive …