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Turn Your Podcast into a Book with Melanie Johnson (Episode 054)

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About Melanie:

Melanie Johnson is a 13-time #1 bestselling author, a TEDx Speaker, co-host of the podcast Elite Expert, and currently is the owner of Elite Online Publishing that has made over 100 authors #1 bestsellers and Charity Auction Consignments which has raised almost $600,000 for non-profits.

Melanie has been both in front of and behind the camera and has owned and operated two major market TV stations in both Houston (KNWS) and Dallas (KLDT).

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Keep in mind that it's not about book sales, it's about using that book for credibility. ~ Melanie Johnson Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

01:17 – Get to know Melanie Johnson
02:22 – Podcast or Book — which should come first? Does it matter?
03:13 – Using your podcast to write a book
05:37 – Position your book to attract the right clients
09:46 – 10x your referrals in 30 days using your book
11:51 – How to start coming up with a book?
19:27 – Common myths on book publishing
21:01 – Connect with Melanie
21:16 – #OpenMic

Elite Online Publishing is here to help you put your self published book out into the world to grow and give you a foundation of credibility, powerful marketing appeal, new contacts and business, plus extra income.

Available on Amazon: Podcast Authorized: Learn How to Build a High-Performance Podcast and Book That Can Yield Double-Digit Returns
This is a compilation of Susan’s best and most popular blog posts, articles, and tip-sheets. Seasoned professionals, non-profit leaders, newcomers to the workforce, and college students will enjoy an easy and humorous read that covers the many facets of digital communication, business growth, and interpersonal relationships.

TEDx: Leaving a Legacy – The Time is Now | Melanie Johnson | TEDxSugarLand
Watch it on YouTube.

Podcast: Elite Expert Insider – Listen and Subscribe!

Resource Mentioned in this Episode: – Transcription app for meetings, interviews, lectures and other important voice conversations.

What’s a tip or strategy that you would like to share?

Send your book as a gift to a CEO of a company you’ve been trying to get your foot in the door to, with a personal note and page number from your book of how you can help his company.

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