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Why Facebook Ads Fail to Get Results with Michelle Bridger (Episode 077)

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About Michelle:

Michelle Bridger utilizes Facebook & Instagram ads to make BIG dreams come true. Clients come to her looking for a collaborative approach in order to achieve their mind-blowing goals.

She and her team have brought in $26 million in revenue for clients, and are a powerful force in managing ad accounts. Leading with strategy and a customized approach, she’s generated life-changing results for her clients.

Michelle and her team aren’t just focused on leads; they’ve got their eye on increasing sales throughout the entire funnel. Michelle is your strategic partner orchestrating your success seamlessly from start to finish.

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Dig in and understand your numbers a little bit better because what you can measure, you can improve. ~ Michelle Bridger Share on X

In This Episode:

01:46 – Get to know Michelle Bridger
04:16 – Michelle’s entrepreneurial journey
09:05 – What sets Michelle’s support unique
12:30 – What is a hook test?
18:36 – Success stories from Michelle’s clients
22:25 – Do Facebook Ads work on all types of business?
24:47 – Moments when Facebook Ads didn’t work (and how they got resolved)
29:15 – Using Facebook Ads on joint ventures/collaborations
31:18 – Does list size matter when running Facebook Ads?
33:58 – When is the right time to run Facebook Ads?
36:40 – Running a Facebook Ad — what to do first?
40:24 – Facebook jargon: Retargeting and how it works
43:34 – Connect with Michelle Bridger
44:17 – Michelle’s gift for #M3Podcast listeners: The Facebook Core Assessment
45:10 – #OpenMic
47:06 – More Profit More Sales Workshop

WEBSITE: www.michellebridger.com
Get in touch with Michelle Bridger and her team if you’re looking for a strategic partner to create targeted Facebook and Instagram ads that generate staggering ROI.

GIFT: The Facebook Core Assessment
Discover how to increase the ROI on your Facebook ads.

What’s your #1 Marketing, Media & Money Strategy?

Take the time to understand your numbers. What you don’t measure, you can’t improve.

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