Michelle Bridger on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Why Facebook Ads Fail to Get Results with Michelle Bridger (Episode 077)

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About Michelle: Michelle Bridger utilizes Facebook & Instagram ads to make BIG dreams come true. Clients come to her looking for a collaborative approach in order to achieve their mind-blowing goals. She and her team have brought in $26 million in revenue for clients, and are a powerful force in managing ad accounts. Leading with strategy and a customized approach, …

Lisanne Murphy on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Facebook and Podcast Metrics with Lisanne Murphy (Episode 050)

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About Lisanne: Lisanne Murphy is an academic, turned Facebook Ads Expert, who from watching clients successes and ceilings have become known as The Who Lady. She is the creator of Midas Touch Social, a 6-figure Facebook Advertising Agency and Educational Platform who took 3 companies across the 7-figure mark in their business this past year. Her experience has shaped a …

Amanda Goldman-Petri on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Understanding Traffic and the Awareness Domino with Amanda Goldman-Petri (Episode 039)

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About Amanda: After overcoming poverty, child abuse, rape, teen pregnancy, and near death, Amanda Goldman-Petri was able to persevere and grow 4 successful brands by the age of 27, generating over half a million dollars in sales in under 4 months. After perfecting her system for growing businesses, Amanda began her coaching career as founder of MarketLikeАNerd.com. She quickly became …

4 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Client on Facebook with Sherri-Lee Woycik (Episode 011)

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About Sherri-Lee: Sherri-Lee Woycik is on a mission to empower a million women to create the lives and businesses of their dreams on their terms. She is a single mom to two teens and in the midst of growing her business while they were younger, she realized and experienced how much pressure and guilt is put on moms who want …