Facebook Groups… a Benefit or a Time Suck?

Learn the Benefits of Facebook Groups How do you feel when someone adds you to a Facebook group? Do you just automatically leave or is there some criteria you look for in making the decision to stay? Hopefully you have some criteria that you look for when you are added to a group as well […]

5 Steps to Building an Engaged Email List of Your Ideal Customers on Facebook

Being a part of a Mastermind is a phenomenal way to meet other subject matter experts and potential strategic partners and to get to know someone before you hire or refer them. After being in a Mastermind with Sherri-Lee Woycik I had the opportunity to experience her generous heart and learn about the extensive knowledge […]

Custom Tabs in Facebook Are a Key Tool to Realizing a Return on Your Social Media Investment

A common theme among my potential clients is a sense of frustration with the amount of time and resources they’ve invested in social media without seeing a return on that investment. They come to me seeking perspective on how social media should fit into their overall marketing plan and how they can use social media […]

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