MMAM 135 | Follow-Up

Power-Up Your Follow-Up For More Clients And Sales With Debbie Hoffman (Episode 135)

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If you do your follow-up right, it will lead to sales. This is all about presenting yourself to other people in the most authentic way possible, not in a salesy approach that only pushes them away. Exploring this topic even further with Patty Farmer is Debbie Hoffman, Follow-Up Expert and Founder of Power Up Your Follow-Up. Debbie presents the important …

Using Tech to Build Trust with Tamara Burkett (Episode 081)

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About Tamara: Tamara Burkett is a CRM consultant, virtual meeting producer, author, speaker and entrepreneur. She fully believes in the power of personal connection to motivate, inspire, and educate. She helps companies squeeze every penny of profitability and service out of their current CRM. Her services include CRM selection, customization, CRM strategy, training, coaching, virtual training and logistics & social …

Linda Claire Puig on Marketing, Media & Money Podcast

Love Up Your Email List with Linda Claire Puig (Episode 056)

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About Linda: Linda Claire Puig is an internationally recognized relationship-marketing expert and founder of the done-for-you article service known as Ready2Go Articles. Linda is also co-founder of Adventurous Life Int’l, which brings groups of professionals and entrepreneurs ages 40+ to international destinations to live, work and travel in community. Enjoy this podcast on your favorite listening platforms In This Episode: …

MMAM 7 | High-Converting Copy

The 5 Essential Pillars of Great Copy with Alyson Lex (Episode 007)

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Every business needs high-converting copy if they want to properly convey their message and turn people into loyal customers. But creating such materials is not simply about correct grammar and a consistent tone. Patty Farmer is joined by Alyson Lex, a copy coach and direct response copywriter. Alyson breaks down the five pillars of effective copywriting, exploring important aspects of …